Ethereum Notarization & IPFS Storing Webservice

the easiest way to notarize a document via blockchain and save it forever on the network

Notarization allows you to prove legally and technically, without any doubt, that a particular file existed at a specific time.

The applications of this technology are endless, you can certify that a photo existed at a certain time, or certify the logs of your server forever or validate the existence of a contract in pdf forever.


Our API is very simple, just submit the file you want to notarize, even encrypted, and we answer you with the Ethereum Address where we stored the Hash and the IPFS ID where you can find in the cloud the copy of your file.

The benefits of our API webservice:

  • Secure: Ethereum Notarization

    We process any of your files, calculate the hash and save it forever in the most reliable and most used blockchain in the world, Ethereum.

  • Safe: IPFS File Storing

    If you want, our webservice saves the file you send us on the IPFS network. This automatically ensures that the block notarized file is never lost.

  • Fast and Reliable

    The notarization and saving process of your file will be very fast. In seconds you certify everything.

  • Develop with us your idea

    our team of programmers is ready to help you develop your idea. Send us the details and we will give you a quote.

  • Full Notarization

    Full Notarization is the complete service, we take your file, calculate the hash, save it in blockchain and finally save the original file in IPFS.

  • Standard Notarization

    The Standard Notarization is the basic service, we take your file, calculate the hash, save it in blockchain. You will have to take care of keeping the original file safe.

  • Only Hash Notarization

    If you want to keep your file confidential, you can send us only the hash of the file itself and we will save it in a few seconds on the Ethereum blockchain on your behalf.

  • We are experts in the mobile app

    Migachain is a Migastone product, leader in Europe in the production of apps for Iphone and Android.

We use Migachain to validate every hour the ledger of our Skill Game platform MIGAWIN

Oscar Dalvit

Migastone Manager

We developed with Migastone an APP able to connect properties owners with our Agents. The reports are legally certified with Migachain

Simone Rossi

Remax Real Estate Agent

Elia Ponti

Earth Alliance Foundation President

Through migachain we managed to give an extreme level of transparency to our donors. The ledger is saved transparently in the blockchain

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Pricing Plans

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Crafted for Professionals

250 Notarizations Monthly

50Mb Max size per file

2GB Max Mb/Monthly

ALL notarization systems

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